Monday, February 18, 2013

What Is This?! / How To Use a Cutex Cotton Ball Holder

I was replenishing my cotton ball supply and this red thing comes out of the bag.  Of course it didn't dawn on me to read the packaging so I was confused as to what it was.  At first I thought, somehow, someone had snuck one of those rubber pop-up things from the 90s into my bag, or maybe a little mouse hat or something.  Once again, instead of looking at the bag, I googled what this thing could be and about 10 minutes later,  I came across "Cotton Ball Holder" as the answer.  I'll admit that I was a little disappointed to discover that this wasn't the pop-up toy.  

This was around the time when I decided to look at the packaging and saw "FREE CUTEX COTTON BALL HOLDER" but there still wasn't an explanation on how to use this thing so I didn't feel too bad for not looking at the bag sooner.

I'm guessing that either this is a new item or people are just throwing these away when they find them in their bag (which is what I was about to do), because there isn't much talk about them on the internet, or anything on how to use them...Or maybe everyone is a lot smarter than me and doesn't need an explanation about how to use these haha but anyways...

Apparently you just put a cotton ball in the little cup part and apply nail polish remover to the cotton ball.  You hold the rubber part on the other side and are able to wipe away nail polish without messing up the rest of your manicure.  Kinda handy if you ask me.  Sometimes when I want to change my toe nail polish, I end up messing up my fingernails if I had painted them first so this is smart. However, I still think this looks like a hat.


  1. hehe loved this post it made me laugh! never seen that before either and definitely wouldn't have known how to use it. looks cute as a hat too! xx

  2. Haha, yes it looks relatively new. I saw this featured in the April issue of the O magazine